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I enjoy working with individuals who have a gap between the life they envision for themselves and the life they are living. This can range from challenges in romantic relationships, family, career and/or personal life. I have found that when a person develops greater awareness of his or her thoughts, actions and emotions, he or she can begin to make changes to live a more fulfilling and satisfying life. The insight developed through psychoanalytic therapy can enable you to experience greater calmness and satisfaction in your day to day life.I specialize in individual and couples therapy with adults and adolescents. I treat depression, anxiety, post trauma, and substance abuse (both family members as well as individuals new to sobriety). I enjoy working with men and women experiencing relationships issues. I also enjoy working with individuals adjusting to new parenthood.I provide traditional talk therapy. I also have training in yoga and meditation and am able to incorporate these practices if you would like to learn. I have found that the skills acquired through meditation like slowing down your mind and learning to observe your thoughts, are invaluable life skills.

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