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Purchased a custom golf cart body kit that would fit a Club Car Precedent. The 34 Roadster Truck body kit was purchased on 6/27/2019 and paid in full on that date for $4, 691.25 which included shipping, handling and a crate fee. When purchased, I was told it would take 4-6 weeks before I would receive the body kit which I had drop shipped to my body shop for painting (Tony claimed that they do not paint and ship bodies since they can become damaged in shipping). The body ended up shipping and the body shop receiving it 9 weeks later after a lot of excuses from Tony Colangelo (including something about having problems getting his employees to show up for work). The body kit was sold to me as primed and paint ready but came in with the edges missing around most of the kit. This required nearly $2, 400 worth of work to rebuild the edges of the kit so that it could be painted (along with other body work to clean up the work that should have been done by Villages Golf Cart Man). In addition to the problems with the body kit, I also received a lot of problems getting support for the fabrication work to prepare the golf cart to receive the body kit. I was sent a one page instructions on what needed to be done but this was missing about 10 pages of necessary changes to make the body kit fit. The received instructions where mostly concerned about the extension of the frame. I found these instructions to be incomplete even for the frame extension. Buyers beware, do not follow the instructions as shown. Make sure you add additional support to the frame extension by adding a piece of flat aluminum on the outside of the frame to make it more rigid and less likely to crack or break as seen in more of the other complaints on this site. There was no mention about the necessary work to cut down the battery box by three inches or to create a new frame to support the seat. There is also no mention that you must cut some of the front suspension to allow the extended steering wheel column to fully turn. There is also some extensive work to cut down the old glove box bottom to allow the body kit to fit down on the frame. There are no instructions on how to do the seating or that you can’t use the existing seats that came with the golf cart.. you must make them yourself. All of these issues cost a lot of extra money that is not noted on their website, in their instructions or in conversations with them. They claim a customer support number and email for the fabrication support. This turned out to be a real gem of a person who only claimed that you need to be a fabricator to complete this work and provided no support whatsoever. Being an engineer, this wasn’t a problem for me but it would have been helpful to have a much broader set of instructions and warning on the additional costs that you must do to support this project. When approaching Tony Colangelo about the additional costs and asking for a refund on the $2, 400 worth of additional body work to get the body ready for painting, all I got was a lot of complaining about my body shop and that I was being taken for a ride. He then proceeded to belittle me and spent as much time dodging the real issue with the customer satisfaction about the product quality. I would highly recommend that you take your business elsewhere as this company will not provide what is advertised on their website. Buyer beware. I’m providing a picture of the body damage as it was cut out of the mold too short and was very thin and brittle (obviously, they were in a hurry and did not care about quality). I’m also providing a finished product picture to show that, yes, I am an engineer and can do the work without the support of their “customer service”.

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