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The unresolved issues of an individual’s life are clear and present dangers that inhibit their progress in all aspects of life. As a clinical social worker, therapist & life coach I would like to partner with you and guide you in facilitating your journey through change; assisting you in learning healthy adaptive ways to improve your response to encounters with life stressors and challenging life transitions, inclusive of mental health issues. I counsel with focus on positive outcome by engaging clients to become goal oriented and committed in pursuing their desired life goals, navigating life challenges and promote their well-being.I engage individuals in various evidence based therapeutic interventions and assist them in the exploration and discovery of their untapped potential. I guide clients who are inhibited by the traumatic experiences, negative life events and limiting belief system to learn effective ways to harness courage and motivation to transform their ways of thinking and doing.In the scope of my practice I aim to empower clients as sessions are based on a holistic, client driven approach. I view a client as a whole in addressing their presenting issues that contribute to current challenging life circumstances, taking into account past experiences, current situations and help them to navigate their future successfully.

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