I was asked to send money to the company through western union or money gram. I sent my money through money gram the $1,000 with the fee of $80.00. Then, I got a welcome letter from Mary Bisbano from accounting sending me the link to my account to view my account, but I couldn’t get any access to my account at all. Then, James Holmes called me the person who supposed to be the person in charge of trading my money. I was told by James that I had to send the money ASAP within 24 hours, otherwise my name from their database will be deleted. After I sent the money, I received an email message from Mary telling me to pay the company $2,100, that is for 10% management fee and 20% profit fee. I sent Mary an email telling her I didn’t have any money to send her at all. When I couldn’t get an access to my account and couldn’t pay the fees of $2,100 I sent Mary an email but never responded to my message. Later, James contacted me by texting and he was demanding payment of $2,100 and I said I didn’t have it. He said maybe at least send $1,100 to him so that my funds will be released to me. I told him I wasn’t told in the beginning I had to pay fees worth $2,100. I knew there will be 10% and 20% fees but I never told I had to pay all the fees right away ad I thought the fees were supposed to be made in the end when my initial investment already made money and they will deduct the money from all the funds. I felt misled by the whole thing and I seriously need my money back because I borrowed that money in order to invest in their company. I didn’t know what to do, so I asked James to close my account and he can have the funds because I had no other way to pay all the fees of $2,100. I was very upset about this whole experience. I just wish to get my money back so I can return it to the person where I borrowed the money from.. I demand I want my initial investment of $1,000 back to me ASAP!!!. Stay away

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