I received this message from a job posting on did a little research after receiving a check from him for way above the amount offered… Come to find out, this man has scammed 50+ people, and he needs to be caught. Below is the email that he sent me… Unfortunately he now has my email and phone number, but I’m sure that he will leave me alone now that I know it is a scam and I will not cash the check that he sent me…


Thanks so much for your instant response. I believe you are fit for this position in as much as you will prove yourself to be a reliable and hard working person. We will be opening our new office in the area in 2 weeks time. We will be needing you to clean the whole office space before moving in office supplies.

IF interested in a long term cleaning position, A contract form will be mailed to you.

More so, I will be needing your TRUST AND FAVOR ,I have made arrangements with my mover who will be bringing in the office furnishes once cleaning is done, So payment will be made in advance.

Basic wage is $400 weekly.

Kindly state how soon you will like to start alongside get back with the details required below in order to forward it to the payroll department. Ensure everything is correctly spell and also remember to indicate if there is Apt/Suit number, because this is very important.

Full Names:
Current Address :
Cell phone number:
City, State, Zipcode:

Robbie Anderson
Recruit Manager I demand he just needs to get caught and stopped.. Stay away

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