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Visiting Angels guarantee part-time work and I didn”t have a job and was happy to finally start work. Lasted just 2 weeks. First assignment went okay but ended. VA offered me something else right away. I accepted. As soon as I told them my availability there became a problem. VA only offered 2 days 3 tops out of 14. No one I know can pay their bills with the wages they pay working just 3 days out of 14. So I take another part-time job with another company. VA policy states that employees can work with someone else as long as it doesn”t conflict with their schedule. So of course when I went over my schedule with the office manager she acted like everything was okay I thought. Next thing I know I”m promptly taken off the schedule completely. I ask only to never get an explanation from the office manager. I”m told she”s “busy” every time I call. I finally reach the owner and she looks at the notes by her office manager stating that I didn”t want to work. Lies. Never told her that. One red flag that I should have paid attention to when I was doing orientation was when the owner came into the office managers office and said right in front of me ” One of our workers is concerned she will get fired for having the flu” They laugh and say “We don”t fire ppl for being sick” Wow! Sounds like that worker knew she was in for it if she spent too many days out from the job! Next thing I call and finally get the office manager to admit they have no work for me. Of course I file for unemployment. I had a phone interview with that agency accusing me of refusing work. Visiting Angels told them that I said I couldn”t work and wanted to change my schedule. Yes that true! I did discuss my schedule BEFORE I FILED FOR UNEMPLOYMENT NOT AFTER! Very nasty individuals. Unemployment concluded that their allegations were unfounded. Don”t go to work for this agency and try to work with this office staff like a grownup you will be treated badly.

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  1. Tory Rozelle
    June 17, 2020

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