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Run, this is a fraudulent company. This companies claim to do capital venture investments, is not true. The owner Mark Shariar will lie to the employees and have them create PPM to present to investors which is illegal because in order for a person to create this document they must have a license which he nor the other employees don”t. I worked there for along time and never met or spoke to one supposed client. He will promise you benefits, for example medical insurance. This is a lie; some employees have worked at the establishment for more than a year and still do not have medical insurance. He will cheat the employee”s on their check. If you”re hired full-time and on salary, Mark Shariar will deduct money from an employee”s paycheck if they don”t work at least 40 hours. But if you work overtime you don”t get paid extra. Basically the employee is an hourly worker if they work less than 40 hours and is fulltime salary if the employee works more than 40hours. This way Mark Shariar benefits and saves money either way. This is illegal, and told to me by the Department of Labor. He will never give an employee anything in writing stating their pay and the date they are to receive their benefits. To prove how fraudulent this company is, when hired request an operation agreement, stating your pay, when you”re supposed to get a raise, and the date your supposed to receive your benefits. Insist that you need this document in writing before you start work and I will guarantee you he will come up with some excuse and you”ll never get the agreement. First when you work there Mark Shariar will start you off very low, like slave labor pay and promise you a raise. This will happen in 90 days but it will only be for about $2- $3 more then the original hourly rate. If you go into the office all the employees are supper young (early to mid 20″s) he hires young employees because he can manipulate them, no grown adult with reasonable work experience will work their for even a mere minute. The staff of the company has a quick turnover rate every 2-4 months. On top of this I have witnessed him sexually harassing other employees and he”s currently being sued for his lewd and obscene behavior. One incidence a female employee was escorted into to the office for her protection to retrieve her personal items because of his inappropriate behavior towards her. If you ask for your benefits before six months he”ll either fire you or make you quit so he doesn”t have to pay unemployment. I have seen this happen several times. He also does not pay his bills and it very possible that while working there you may witness bill collectors coming to the office because he refuses to pay his bills. I have seen this and he ran out the back door into the hallway (really funny but also extremely sad). One last thing, there are no other companies all over the world or even in the United States. If a person does a little research they will notice that there are no numbers, addresses or any information at all about these other branches all over the nation, but this is company that deals with $5billion dollars worth of capitol investments. Who ever heard of a company that is worth that kind of money and has no record about their other branches even on the internet. This company is extremely fraudulent if you don”t believe me work there for two weeks and you”ll recognize what”s going on.

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  1. Hue Weigman
    June 17, 2020

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