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We are thankful to peel police for putting together this wonderful video (with even prison escort police appeared on video to well wish muslims in canada) to mark the beginning of ramadan… Said malton islamic centre on may 05 – 19 but.. I wasn”t since kingston police officer was a paid friend of william hodgskiss who not only had ripped me off but also had me locked up for sending him (not threatening e-mails) asking to cover the expenses that his dishonesty made me to lose my willy dog hot dog business on oct 02. Why his daughter niki and his daughter business partner claire have been backing up crooked willy? Because willy is retarded looking niki”s (father) and addicted looking claire”s (lecturer). Why both women have been persistent in helping female entrepreneur seekers to achieve their awsome? Well with out law willy on top of the list then i”ll leave it to female entrepreneur seekers to judge yet here is in details.. Hi entrepreneurship seekers… Why claire bouvier and niki hodgskiss who”s on line profile introduces them as (they have dedicated their entire time to help women to reach their full potential entrepreneurship) protecting dishonest william r hodgskiss? Who is william r hodgskis? April 30, 2019 Feb 15 -00) william r hodgskiss as franchise willy dog hot dog business took advantage of my needs (to get myself employed, & weakness in reading, writing, speaking english) and sold me 10 years franchise willy dog hot dog business on or about feb 15 – 00 with out letting me know that his willy dog hot business lease agreement with canadian tire store located at yonge & church st. Toronto had been signed based on monthly rent payment. Oct 15 – 02) yelling at canadian tire store manager brian rattray (who participated in decision making to replace me with my helper ali saritas as soon as their store expansion was about to finish) why was I replaced with my helper ali mansoor saritas urged him to hand me a copy of franchise willy dog hot dog business lease agreement that indicated willy dog”s lease agreement had been signed (based on monthly rent payment). Calling crooked will by phone couple of times asking for help (just resulted to hear him barking at me like a bad dog blaming me of losing his hot dog spot) rather than using (his business professionalism manners that he has been bragging about on & off internet, utube videos with simple words like (willy dog will help you to overcome this loss). Nov 02) will hodgskiss called to tell me that (he was driving half way to kingston city (where his office is based) with my hot dog cart hooked to back of his car) meaning he had decided to steal my hot dog cart rather than helping me (to re-set my hot dog business elsewhere) while his (take & run) action mainly meant to get away from being prosecuted by authorities for (fooling me to sign his 10 years franchise willy dog hot dog business contract) with up to no good lease agreement. June 09 – 10) will hudgskiss june 09 – 10 e-mail sent directly to my attention (threatened to use his utmost devil minded power) to make my life miserable with intention (to scare me of sending him e-mails asking to cover the expenses that his dishonesty had made me to lose my source of income). July 28 – 10) according (to toronto located expert office) the man who called my home phone number on july 28 – 10 and introduced himself as kingston police to warn me (not to send any e-mails to willy dog office or else) had just been (a retired kingston police officer) or as I had already predicted it earlier (a paid friend of will hodgskiss). Aug 05 – 10) provided by bbb copy of will hodgskiss e-mail in respond to bbb (can prove that he lied to bbb regarding my business relation with his willy dog company). Aug 13 – 10) bbb”s attempt to bring con man will hodgskiss to negotiating table fallowing my second complain dated july 14-10 resulted to receive bbb”s e-mail indicating that (it”s office decided to close my complain file against willy dog hot dog business on aug 13 – 10) simply because will hodgskiss aug 10 – 10 e-mail told bbb that (I just rented some hot dog equipment from willy dog so called company instead of considering me as a willy dog contract holder) with intention to get away from being caught by officials such as revenue canada that he most probably had not reported (my $270 deposited in his personal scotia bank account every month for 3 years as willy dog hot dog business royalty). Double cross willy dog ceo also introduced me to bbb as a dangeros man and sure enough to kingston police as well which ended to have me arrested & locked up for 10 days since he miserably had failed to stop me sending e-mails to whom that my willy dog hot dog business loss had concerned. Feb 13 – 12) two of 11 division male police officers arrested me on this date and handed me to another two male officers who arrived from kingston city hours later and drove me back to kingston in hand cuffs and locked me up the next day (since the one I knew and had his phone number memorized to bail me out had happened to be out of reach). Was kingston female police in court witness stand respond “his picture on his e-mail looked serious enough to harm someone” to my lawyer question “based on what crime kingston police had arrested my client?” another paid friend of will hodgskiss or not (needed my retained lawyers to prove it but either of my 3 male lawyers not only excepted large amount of out of my budget money but the most greediest one of them had left canada with millions of dollars belonging to his clients such as my self. Feb 22 – 12) will hodgskiss interrupted mine and the lady walking along side of me (on his way leaving the kingston criminal court with his finger pointed in my face which explained his utmost anger (because his false accusations against me had been tossed out of criminal court by the court crown) but will (beaten up badly by 5″ tall hot dog vendor saeid) continued walking towards the court exit door silent like a lam with his head down as soon as he had realized that (the young lady beside me who looked straight in to his eyes and told him “my client is not allowed to talk to you” was my female criminal lawyer) and he could have certainly had his ass kicked even harder (had he continued his red necks like show off). Feb 22 – 12) william hodgskiss (lack of decency in his blood) had to be the reason that (he did not realize that he was not suppose to embarrass me before my female companion had she happened to be my relative or girl find) and not my intelligent female lawyer who had indeed known well (how to shut that 6″ tall will hodgskiss instantly). By typing a) the hummer hot dog cart by willy dog, b) the famous “willy dog” hot dog cart, c) the new yorker hot dog cart by willy dogs, d) a hot dog trailer being constructed – by willy dog hot dog carts, e) the willy dog commitment to quality, interview with willy hodgskiss – hot dog cart top dog part 1.in utube you”ll see dishonest wiliam hodgskiss not only fooling public with his exaggerated business ads but you also can witness him advertising inside willy dog hot dog cart manufacturing where workers work with heavy duty machineries with out safety gloves, safety goggles, safety cover all which according to ministry of labor is illegal. Con artist will hodgskiss interview with claims that he has high volume hot dog cart demands (with clips showing shipping section) in and out of canada do not match with (seeing his entire manufacturing preparing just one hot dog cart) and yet Dec 25 – 16) claimed to be jack of all trades in her on line profile niki (weak in speaking, acting, memorizing and even producing a proper video) that anyone can see by typing a) interviews willy dog, b) the “goliath” hot dog cart by carts of america, c) tour a nsf certified food truck custom built by venture food trucks, in utube (you”ll see and hopefully believe my honesty) that had made me to send her 4 e-mails to niki whom (I found on face book with intention to discover whether she knew that her father has been ripping off guys like me at least since I met him on or about feb 00 to buy willy dog hot dog business. Niki who took her from dec 12 till dec 17 to respond “javad if you write me one more time I will report you to the kingston police. Got it” exactly with the same manner that her father did on aug 10 – 10 fallowed by being reported to kingston police who warned me on the phone (not to send any e-mail to niki or else) had convinced me that niki must have also lied that she had graduated at york university or what can be read on her on line profile. So.. Jan 01-19) I send another e-mail but this time attention to claire bouvier as close friend of niki wondering whether she agreed to help niki to prevent herself from falling in to will hodgskiss monkey business and become as confident, relaxed, friendly, excited, strong, experienced as her best friend and business partner claire bouvieras but.. Claire jan 01-19 e-mail respond “do not ever contact me again at this email. The police have been called. Stay away” as rude, threatening, and as panicked as niki”s respond was my other reason to bellow my whistle So why addicted looking calire who had not been successful even to help her best friend niki to spread her awsome and why niki couldn”t respond my e-mail with words like this (your issues with william hodgskiss has nothing to do with us so please leave us out of it) is because 1) out law william hodgskiss as ceo of hot dog cart manufacturer is father of niki hodgskiss and (as shown in pictures bellow) business adviser of both. 2) none of them ever sympathy to help any male or female entrepreneurship seekers. 3) all three of the have been behaving badly and their business activities deserve to be investigated by proper government offices experts.

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  1. Kareen Tatton
    June 14, 2020

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