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Sadly, I need to submit a personal complaint about a specific staff member at the mall of africa branch. On monday, 2 april 2018, I took my 6 year old daughter shopping for clothing at this branch. It was insanely busy due to the public holiday and so I was very disappointed to see only two cashiers on duty at the clothing section. The queue was terribly long, but as I was shopping for my daughter and not myself, I decided to endure the wait, even though I was time constrained. When I reached the cashier, a ms nomvula simelane, she asked me in a rather irritated tone if I had not noticed that the tags on the boots that I wanted to purchase were incorrect. Unfortunately, not being trained in woolworths” systems, I was obviously unaware of this issue when I picked up the items. I told her not to worry about the boots and that I would leave them as I was in fact in a bit of a hurry… Ms simelane rang up my other items and then without a word or any eye contact, grabbed the boots and marched off into the store to find another pair. She ignored me calling after her to tell her not to worry and after a good 15 minute wait, she came marching back past me to enter the store room. Again, I called after her as she walked directly next to me and again she completely ignored me. Even the other shoppers were watching her and shaking their heads or giving me a supportive half smile as they saw how she was blatantly ignoring me. Eventually after yet another wait, and the queue now doubling in length, she came back to inform me that the boots were incorrectly marked and that she could not ring them up. I expressed to her that I was not worried and that although I appreciated that she tried to find a replacement pair, I had right from the start asked her to please leave them. She looked up at me and rather indignantly and very irritated shouted “what?!” it was the first time that she had actually looked at me from the beginning of the whole transaction. I repeated to her that I had told her not to worry about the boots and said to her that she simply was not listening to me. She displayed a completely offish attitude and very roughly put through my payment for the rest of the goods. My 6 year old was astounded and kept asking me after what was wrong and why was the lady so angry. If I was buying for myself and not for my daughter, I would have left your store without my purchase. I think that ms simelane needs to be reminded what customer service is about and that not only is it polite to look your customers in the face, but that listening to their requests is quite expected as well. Just on a side note, your manageress who was standing by and witnessing the entire incident didn”t bat an eye-lid and it would have been nice if she too took her role seriously and actually assisted. I would also have expected her to notice the now 20 person queue and maybe also try to assist on an extra till, or at least get my issue resolved to free up the only other working till on the day. I am terribly disappointed with this experience as I have only ever had friendly, helpful and excellent service at any other woolworths branch. One bad experience leaves a bad taste in the mouth and I will not be going back to this branch because of the rudeness with which I was treated. I was completely calm throughout the process. I never once was rude to ms simelane and I even expressed gratitude at her attempt to help me, even if I hadn”t wanted her to. I did not deserve her disrespect and my daughter did not need to see that either.

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  1. Chrystal Jagger
    June 17, 2020

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