Wyndham Timeshares

Wyndham Timeshares

I was on vacation for my honey moon when as part of the trip we had to visit this time share to get our tickets and hotel rooms. I went to this showing since everyone had to go. I listened and i had just got married was in high spirits and they would not let me go after several times telling them I can’t afford it . They just kept going till eventually I gave in and bought. I was reluctant but I thought we travel we will use this. Once I got back home I encountered more problems. My mom and my step dad were having their house condemned and he was in bad health.I sent a notice of cancellation in on the 16of May to Juan Murial. The following day I mailed a notice of cancellation to their address in Ft launderdale FL and just for safe measures I screen shot all this on my phone on May 18th. I was only able to talk to a representative that couldn’t help and the one that could did not call me back until I filed a disagreement with one of the reporting adjecies. Igot a call back was instructed to send my cancellation to a email. This was done. They then told me that it was out of their window of cancellation. I told them I had saved those screen shots and I emailed them to them. They told me (if though the dates were plain and ledgable they could not accept my cancellation because these didn’t show proof. I then called a exit out of timeshare team. They said they could get me out but it would take 9-18 mo to do so and that if I made a down payment I could get it started. So I did. They are charging late fees extra charges on the credit card they approved me for. They are doing this on a account that was closed. I called the credit card company Comenity Capital Bank and put In a dispute. They wet helpful just not willing to remove the charge until they give me credit. I just need some help exposing this scam.. I demand That they were not able to sell any more time shares to anyone without explaining what it all entails. That my pain and suffering be compens. Stay away

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