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Zestmoney customer care centre is threatning my father who is paralysed and using abusive language daily basis they are callling my family members for the repayment i have asked to show me my statement which they are not ready to and harassing me to make the payments first they have to send a statement showing the transactions then only is ouod make the payment there is nothing wrong ins asking my statement already a fir and defamation case is lodged as they are calling on my workplace to diminish my image i want to go through the legal process to make their payments please help. Also whenever they have asked to make the payments i have done it and if they are calling in my or my wife’s office hours we are not allowed to use cell phones. Why the collection agencies and from where they have the right to call at our working place threatning my colleagues for the consequences. Does RBI have given them these rights this is against the law when we are already making the payments can you please help in stopping these harassment calls to my family members and my work place I am ready to make the payments but first they have to apologize for the pathetic behaviours abusive language.

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