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This is what I am complaining about and that I intend to send to the relevant authorities against Zumba Fitness : I was contacted months ago (almost a year or so) by a representant of Zumba telling me that my last payment had not been debited (I had lost my debit card and asked for another one) As it happens when he called me back in November 2018, I said not to send me anything anymore as I wanted to cancel my membership as I had not been teaching for two years. He was trying to force me not to do so by saying I could think about it. For months until a week ago, I did not receive any mayerial., Discs or anything. In April, I was bereaved from the last member on my dad”s side of the family and someone called me again to whom I said I had cancelled already, ai didn”t quite understand and thought it was just because there was still an option to get back into the scheme that he was calling me. I clearly stated AGAIN that it was a bad time and that I had already been contacted and didn”t want to continue. To my surprise I received yet another threatening phone call, again your representant trying to make me pause or reinstate or pay something that I have not wanted for almost a year. I received those two dvds, I didn”t open them, you are welcome to have them back, but it is very clear that your staff is trying to trick us, no matter how long we have been with you, giving impossible options or asking for undue money. As my card had not been debited, the simple thing was not to send me any material anymore and cancel my membership, especially when asked to do so. Unless this membership is now canceled I will turn to the Ombudsman which regulates all complaints such as mine within the UK, when customers are being forced into unwanted membership with unlawful automatic renewals and forcing customers to call the Zumba “helpline” to cancel as no email or mail can be accepted! What happens in the US is one thing, there are laws to protect customers against abusive schemes elsewhere too. Thank you once for all for cancelling my membership, not trying to withdraw any money anymore and I will return the only material I received in over a year (apparently Zin volume 82) to the address you will indicate me. Regards, Celine Tobelem ZIN 143466

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  1. Fletcher Schabel
    June 14, 2020
  2. Breanna Pagliari
    June 13, 2020

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